f e e l h o m e

the ones who know me a little bit also know how much home, coziness and hospitality means to me. like those little details - seashells on the window ledge, found drift wood and branches together with grandma' flea market pictures hanging on my walls, blanket patterns and a cup of tea each hour... all in a very certainly organised happy mess. rethinking what home actually means to me is a very frequent topic on my mind. when you move several times, change countries, leave family or, after all, brake up with people in whose arms you were feeling so warm and peaceful -like home-, after you go through all that circle a few times i guess it becomes natural, that practical and philosophical questions arise and wait to be stilled with an answer for that one little while. for me as a child of migrations this topic is a huge thing and never off the table. nevertheless there are those two battling sides of mine - the shelter craving snail versus the butterfly jumping from one flower colour to another to whom the whole meadow is his home. the butterfly still wins the most of those battles.

up till this day the places i stay in - even for years - still tend to feel like stations. nonetheless i feel this grand wish arising to start putting the first stone down for a place to call my home, and a place to come back to. i'm still very much on a silent slow search, but i can't wait till the day i find this right piece of land - close to the ocean, surrounded by trees, with space and blankets for best visitors, and candles at calm rhythm dinners. a place i feel safe, warm and peaceful in.

now even thought i don't know how to define this upcoming sentence do that anyway - call up your mom or dad or your best mate, for in their warmest voices one will always find home.

* the photos are from my best friends place a few weeks ago. a place i can always feel so safe and cozy in *

if you don't bother just tell me what you think about the definition of  h o m e, even on a comment bellow. i would like to have more words to describe this feeling with.