Camp in Germany // Beach Time Sweethearts

Recently, my BFF Jurga, her boyfriend and I decided to go camping for a weekend - wherever, doesn't matter, as long as it's in the nature, it's green, close to the water, kind of calm yet giving a summer holiday feeling. Last minute, just the day before leaving, we heard about this awesome place on the Baltic Sea coast called Prerow - a fisherman village on a peninsula, combining a lagoon-like calm sea on the east, yet rough waves on the west side of the peninsula, a forest in between, soft sand and our campsite on the edge of the dunes. For us, two Lithuanian girls, this place was giving a very rare sense of a Baltic homeland site, it was mind blowing to recognise something we grew up with on another countries shoreside like the preserved architecture of little wooden houses, the landscape of the shore, a pine tree forest just along it.  

Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3260
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3268
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3272
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3276
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3299
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3345
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3352
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3379
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3385
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3406
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3422

We stayed at the Regenbogen Prerow Campsite. As we checked in very late, for some magical reasons we got the very spot we actually were wishing for - at the very corner on the last bit of the campsite, where our two of the four neighbours were a dune (with the sea 100m behind it) and a young growing pine forest. Moreover - we got located next to the nudist beach :-) So I could finally get one of those pictures out of my tent that I was always dreaming about when diving into Pinterest scrolling too much. However, absolutely everything was perfect about that weekend - coffee in the sand, rain in the night time, sun all day long, braless suntanning, campsite cooking, hot water showers and, of course, a lot of amazing scenery filled with love and kisses for my photographic delight.

Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3429
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3441
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3443
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3459
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3464
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3487
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3515
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3523
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3533
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3539
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3549
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3551
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3570
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3580
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3586
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3609
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3618
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3619
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3631
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3639
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3646
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3647
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3659
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3663
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3693
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3704
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3713
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3734
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3760
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3777
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3791
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3800
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3818
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3826
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3857
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3863
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3882
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3898
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3910
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3914
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3923
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3928

It wasn't my first time at the German part of the Baltic Sea. But all these years we've been fast to book flights to anywhere in Europe for hikes, roadtrips, beaches and longing for distant corners with high peaks, hot springs or long sandy stripes of beach. But I had to realise how little I actually know Germany and how much it has to offer nature wise if you know where to look for it. If you have any advice, top 5 must experience nature locations - share it with me, please. I'll mark them up in my map and save my weekends for them.

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La Primera Sonrisa // Design Hotel, Café and a Grand Idea

When I first met the two owners of La Primera Sonrisa at the opening of their café & bar, I ended up standing behind the counter and pressing fresh lemons into the iced water for their curious new customers. People were standing lines on their first open day and I was more than keen to offer my help switching from customer to a bartender. The thing is, after two months of me living in a sleepy little village it was like an iced water splash into my face to see two young lively people with dreams, ideas and certainty in their eyes doing their own thing. Their magnetic energy kinda reached my good vibe locators and so a friendship was born.

Here are some facts. Koen and Ivo are two of those, who actually did quit their well payed jobs in Holland and decided to turn their paths into a more sunny, tropical kind of life under the Andalusian sky. Just a couple of months ago, they did what many thought was impossible - they opened a café & bar followed by a two room design hotel on a site where there's not one shop nor office nor market. But a grand view.

Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos_-6730
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos_-6739
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1258

It's the village called Polopos in the very south of Spain, white and old like Spanish little villages are, with narrow crooked streets, big bloomy flowerbeds, clean air, a view of dry mountains and the Mediterranean sea, and countless possibilities for outdoor hiking adventures. It's very tranquil and what some might call boring, for many - me included - it's the way to unplug from a noisy city life, get relief and reconnect with the simple joys, sensations or even the own breathing rhythm. On a calm sunset hike you start feeling like a prince of the world, watching endless Mediterranean below the feet, snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the north and sometimes even another continent in the far South. It's a village with a huge potential of a tranquil kind.

Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos_-6732
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1264
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1267
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1278
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1295
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1298
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1256
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos_-6752
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1303
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1314

The hotel offers two rooms with a unique design. It's a personal business matter for the two entrepreneurs and you feel it when you enter the rooms - vintage carpets, fossil accessories, upcycled furniture and found attributes from around the globe meet together in a hotel room with aview. In the mornings they cook you breakfast and in the afternoon there's a set of creatively homemade tapas to every refreshing drink till after the sun sets.

Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1321
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1324
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1336
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1341
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1362
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1376
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1380
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1387
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1390
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1397
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1426
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1421
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1440
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1506
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1507
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1512
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1547
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1565
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1568
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1580
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1587
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1446
Dorija Apple Parsley_La Primera Sonrisa Hotel Polopos-1651

To book a getaway holiday at La Primera Sonrisa you can contact Ivo and Koen directly or book on the common booking websites. Otherwise, take a sneak peek on their homepageinstagram or facebook to get yourself convinced.

Good to know: best airport to land is in Malaga (120km away); rent a car with a slightly bigger engine for serpentine uphill rides; go in autumn, spring or around the Christmas period - it's good for hikes (if you are fine with melting in the sun - July and August are also great!).

By the way, the café and the hotel are the stepping stones for a further grand idea: in the following months an off the grid eco resort is in planning. A kickstarter alike project will be launched soon to collect the needed resources for this vision to come alive: you will be able to make a contribution of 500€ in exchange for a two-person ten-day accommodation in one of their Valle del Eden Tiendas that will be built on a mountain side land property surrounded only by nature. So stay tuned for more details on their media channels.

A Drone Experience

... or The Things You Can Learn From Your Older Cooler Brothers

Both of my brothers are technical geeks, of course. Because who's brothers actually aren't. Every time I come around to visit the one or another - there's new things to see, to learn, to touch and then be jealous about. This time my big bro' introduced me to his precious new toy - the drone DJI PHANTOM 3 Advanced. As an out-dated humanist I have never actually seen nor - moreover - tried out navigating a drone of that kind. It's this little light weight, four propeller thing with a flexibly attached camera; it can fly and be navigated for up to 2 km of a distance away from its controller. A 12 megapixel camera with HD video recording capacity - all there. And - when you attach your mini tablet or smartphone on the controller, you can follow the drones route from birds eye perspective while still keeping your feet firmly on the ground. How damn cool is that!

Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9972
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9975
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9978
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0008
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0040
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0013

And so we packed the drone bag to drive towards the next calm corner in the busy city of Vilnius. My brother insisted on me overtaking the controller and daring to get the drone up to the sky. Amazing how easy with just four different finger movements you can come up with something amazing like that within minutes; I got thinking about how many more possibilities open up for creative people and artist, how many fantastic unseen images can be captured or even staged. Just to start with - look at this Lithuanian photographer Karolis Janulis who was obviously having lots of fun experimenting with his drone pet.

Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0018
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0021
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0026
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0015

But as it isn't quite of a bargain that you spontaneously purchase out of boredom at night on Amazon, here's my top five reasons to start saving on one:

  • it opens a rare perspective from a birds eye on demand, something that was not possible to be seen on a casual every day basis
  • it reaches things, buildings, nature landscapes which are hard to be reached by foot or machine and makes an additional point of view possible
  • it's practical for different kind of documentation like events, real estate, landscapes
  • what ever you do photographically - it will bring you to the next level
  • and let's face it - it's a great toy in general! like when back in childhood the kids who got those tiny remotely controlled helicopters for Christmas and from then on everyone wanted to be friends with them.. but that's a totally different kind of story.

Good to know: get at least one extra battery at purchase, otherwise you can pack up the propellers after just 20 minutes of great but short fun.

Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0027
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0029
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0030
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0041
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0043
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9980
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9979
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9986
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9988
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-9992
Dorija Apple Parsley_Vilnius Drone-0033
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0007
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0018
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0021

A few snaps from up above:

Look at that - the most symbolical building of Vilnius, the Gediminas' Tower, the reason why the whole city was build around that hill. I was navigating the drone up above it and around.

Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0028
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0030
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0033
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0001
Dorija Apple Parsley_Drone Foto-0017

It was a rather special visit of my brother and Vilnius this time. To be honest, even though it's only the cream part I've been spending time at - like the old town, newly reopened parks with their musical fountains in bright sunshine, those busy but somewhat charming summer city corners amazed me. We were cruising on longboards in a big green park at dusk together with many other people cruising on other things while some DJs were changing one chilly vinyl after another, just because it's summer, just because it's good weather; we tested some of the new Vilnius talking statues between beers on a warm summer night to rediscovered some of the forgotten Lithuanian history pages while the streets were full of celebrating beautiful summerly dressed people; my bro' showed me a place to try out virtual reality glasses which was a whole lotta different experience all together. It was a quality visit for sure. And I'm happy to have a big brother there, too.