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Recently, my BFF Jurga, her boyfriend and I decided to go camping for a weekend - wherever, doesn't matter, as long as it's in the nature, it's green, close to the water, kind of calm yet giving a summer holiday feeling. Last minute, just the day before leaving, we heard about this awesome place on the Baltic Sea coast called Prerow - a fisherman village on a peninsula, combining a lagoon-like calm sea on the east, yet rough waves on the west side of the peninsula, a forest in between, soft sand and our campsite on the edge of the dunes. For us, two Lithuanian girls, this place was giving a very rare sense of a Baltic homeland site, it was mind blowing to recognise something we grew up with on another countries shoreside like the preserved architecture of little wooden houses, the landscape of the shore, a pine tree forest just along it.  

Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3260
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3268
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3272
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3276
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3299
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3345
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3352
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3379
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3385
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3406
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3422

We stayed at the Regenbogen Prerow Campsite. As we checked in very late, for some magical reasons we got the very spot we actually were wishing for - at the very corner on the last bit of the campsite, where our two of the four neighbours were a dune (with the sea 100m behind it) and a young growing pine forest. Moreover - we got located next to the nudist beach :-) So I could finally get one of those pictures out of my tent that I was always dreaming about when diving into Pinterest scrolling too much. However, absolutely everything was perfect about that weekend - coffee in the sand, rain in the night time, sun all day long, braless suntanning, campsite cooking, hot water showers and, of course, a lot of amazing scenery filled with love and kisses for my photographic delight.

Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3429
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3441
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3443
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3459
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3464
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3487
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3515
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3523
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3533
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3539
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3549
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3551
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3570
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3580
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3586
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3609
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3618
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3619
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3631
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3639
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3646
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3647
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3659
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3663
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3693
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3704
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3713
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3734
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3760
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3777
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3791
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3800
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3818
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3826
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3857
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3863
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3882
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3898
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3910
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3914
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3923
Dorija Apple Parsley_Prerow-3928

It wasn't my first time at the German part of the Baltic Sea. But all these years we've been fast to book flights to anywhere in Europe for hikes, roadtrips, beaches and longing for distant corners with high peaks, hot springs or long sandy stripes of beach. But I had to realise how little I actually know Germany and how much it has to offer nature wise if you know where to look for it. If you have any advice, top 5 must experience nature locations - share it with me, please. I'll mark them up in my map and save my weekends for them.

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Wedding Story of Nora & Johannes // Countryside Wedding, Germany

It's a nice story how i came to photograph the Wedding of Nora & Johannes. Our mutual friend told me about the couple who is still looking for a photographer, so i was the one who actually has sent a request to them, introducing myself and my portfolio. When Nora wrote me back a few details about the wedding I was willing to say yes immediately - a garden wedding, flowers, ceremony under an apple tree, a barefoot bride with a flower crown.... could there be anything else more cozy and romantic to be a part of? i got beyond excited months before. and so here we go - for your eyes a sunny countryside garden wedding all in the green, all with smiles and apple trees, a lovely home, girls and boys, love and a place to feel safe in. Nora&Johannes-3548Nora&Johannes-3154Nora&Johannes-3175Nora&Johannes-3381Nora&Johannes-3193 Nora&Johannes-3407Nora&Johannes-3545Nora&Johannes-3596Nora&Johannes-3604 Nora&Johannes-3614Nora&Johannes-3620Nora&Johannes-3636Nora&Johannes-3665Nora&Johannes-3697Nora&Johannes-3702Nora&Johannes-3676Nora&Johannes-3703Nora&Johannes-3766Nora&Johannes-3780Nora&Johannes-3764Nora&Johannes-3781Nora&Johannes-3786Nora&Johannes-3790Nora&Johannes-3823Nora&Johannes-3817Nora&Johannes-3831Nora&Johannes-3843Nora&Johannes-3847Nora&Johannes-3744Nora&Johannes-3856 Nora&Johannes-3861 Nora&Johannes-3906Nora&Johannes-3910 Nora&Johannes-3918Nora&Johannes-3943 Nora&Johannes-3950 Nora&Johannes-3962 Nora&Johannes-3967 Nora&Johannes-3992Nora&Johannes-4052 Nora&Johannes-4063 Nora&Johannes-4074Nora&Johannes-4084Nora&Johannes-4086 Nora&Johannes-4089Nora&Johannes-4135Nora&Johannes-4149Nora&Johannes-4191Nora&Johannes-4155 Nora&Johannes-4187Nora&Johannes-4417Nora&Johannes-4209Nora&Johannes-4207Nora&Johannes-4329Nora&Johannes-4228Nora&Johannes-4239Nora&Johannes-4250 Nora&Johannes-4258Nora&Johannes-4280Nora&Johannes-4490Nora&Johannes-4299Nora&Johannes-4402Nora&Johannes-4469Nora&Johannes-4451Nora&Johannes-4509Nora&Johannes-4344Nora&Johannes-4358 Nora&Johannes-4367 Nora&Johannes-4369 Nora&Johannes-4377 Nora&Johannes-4388Nora&Johannes-4499Nora&Johannes-4200 Nora&Johannes-4566 Nora&Johannes-4581Nora&Johannes-4586Nora&Johannes-4590Nora&Johannes-4600 Nora&Johannes-4597 Nora&Johannes-4605 Nora&Johannes-4611 Nora&Johannes-4618 Nora&Johannes-4661Nora&Johannes-4621 Nora&Johannes-4625Nora&Johannes-4697Nora&Johannes-4691 Nora&Johannes-4704 Nora&Johannes-4725Nora&Johannes-5546Nora&Johannes-5548 Nora&Johannes-5551Nora&Johannes-5566 Nora&Johannes-5574Nora&Johannes-5617Nora&Johannes-5621-2 Nora&Johannes-5625Nora&Johannes-5676Nora&Johannes-5683 Nora&Johannes-5732Nora&Johannes-5745Nora&Johannes-5748 Nora&Johannes-5766 Nora&Johannes-5793 Nora&Johannes-5800Nora&Johannes-4774Nora&Johannes-4733 Nora&Johannes-4745Nora&Johannes-4802Nora&Johannes-4786Nora&Johannes-4815 Nora&Johannes-4836 Nora&Johannes-4845 Nora&Johannes-4873 Nora&Johannes-4883 Nora&Johannes-4885 Nora&Johannes-4890Nora&Johannes-3418Nora&Johannes-4906 Nora&Johannes-4979 Nora&Johannes-4976Nora&Johannes-4981 Nora&Johannes-4984 Nora&Johannes-4990 Nora&Johannes-5027Nora&Johannes-5106 Nora&Johannes-5165 Nora&Johannes-5176 Nora&Johannes-5190Nora&Johannes-5315Nora&Johannes-5261 Nora&Johannes-5333 Nora&Johannes-5367 Nora&Johannes-5374 Nora&Johannes-5377 Nora&Johannes-5501Nora&Johannes-5035Nora&Johannes-5038Nora&Johannes-4242

A big Love for the couple! it was a pleasure to be a part of your life for a day <3

For more details: Wedding Dress by Victoria Rüsche Flower Crown by La Chia