how to trick spring (or lets look back at Lisbon in August)

officially it is spring. officially it is almost May. but nature's rules somewhere on a spot in the middle of the North Sea are different. everything's postponed. but for divine spring time blossoming there's even less hope because the island hast very little trees. so sadly i guess i'll have to pass on a true cherry blossom smell fields this year. people posting pictures of magnolia, tulips, cherry all over the web is like a fresh-fruity-colour-bomb-lolly in an adults hand somewhere up there and i'm this tiny girl too small to reach it. so here's my little ode to spring - blossom impressions of last Augusts Lisbon trip where luckily i was invited to photograph a dear friends wedding. and a few shots of Lisbon city with it's people. the blossoms might be all the same in the pictures but i'm quite ok with the repetitive subject - i'm hungry to dive into these blossoms! and stay in them for a few days, till i'm lush like a bee in honey. enjoy spring the ones who have it!

Agnese fro Latvia. Such a happy blossom person.

I met this fellow on the train - life loving young fellow working on a cruise ship or something. he was from USA and chose to work on a ship just to go round the world, see places and meet people while working. i spotted him at the train station as it was impossible to oversee (rather over-sence) his inner shining. he sat down next to me on the ride and we talked about travel and live for a half an hour. he was eighteen and so strong and smart. i hope he's doing fine where ever he might be. 

at my stay i enjoyed watching this little oasis while wind blowing the leaves all over the place.

little San Francisco Lisbon is - the colours, the sun, the hills, and so much more not seen in these photos.

Lisbon good night.